General Conditions of Purchase


By purchasing a ticket for a show produced by LE CIRQUE WTP Srl, through the TicketOne website or other authorized platforms, the Spectator accepts the general purchase conditions of this document.

  1. The company LE CIRQUE WTP Srl does not deal directly with the sale of tickets to the final consumer, but uses and the TicketOne points of sale which are present throughout Italy.

  2. Children from 0 to within 3 years of age are free if held in arms.
    From 3 to within 10 years of age, they pay a reduced price in the sectors indicated. The Organizer reserves the right to carry out access controls to the Theater by requesting an identification document and it is specified that minors must always be accompanied by an adult.

  3. For the disabled (100% certified) it is possible to send a request via email to:
    The reserved spaces are limited not by the will of LE CIRQUE WTP Srl but for regulatory issues related to the safety of each individual location (see definition of "Calm space", Ministerial Decree August 19, 1996[1]).
    The purchase for disabled people can be made EXCLUSIVELY by contacting the production. Any tickets purchased online cannot be refunded.
    Once the request has been sent, a form will be sent to you to fill out and send back mail to production, related document + 100% invalidity certificate.
    Requests do not constitute a reservation and must be confirmed by LE CIRQUE WTP Srl.
    The refund of access tickets reserved for people with disabilities is only foreseen in case of cancellation of the show.

  4. In the event that, for reasons not attributable to LE CIRQUE WTP Srl, the Spectator finds his seat occupied by another person with an identical sector and seat, he must immediately contact the hall/box office staff present inside the location, asking for the necessary checks.
    The Spectator loses all right to occupy the seat or to make requests for reimbursement, indemnity or compensation for damages in general, if he does not report the above, strictly within the time of start of the Show.

  5. LE CIRQUE WTP Srl, in the event that, for technical or organizational reasons, it deems it necessary to modify the layout of seats already sold, it will have the right to act without any communication to the spectator, re-protecting the same in other sectors within the location, even if different from those indicated on the admission tickets. It should also be noted that the plans published on the website (understood as the position of the posts and the stage, etc.) are to be understood as merely indicative, not to scale and not binding forLE CIRQUE WTP Srl.

  6. With the purchase of the Admission Ticket (even a free ticket) and in any case with entry into the locations, the Spectator is aware of the fact that they could be filmed or photographed, and that these images could be transmitted live or deferred television and/or on the maxi-screens present inside the structure and/or used to produce promotional and/or commercial material relating to the event, both online and offline.
    The viewer therefore gives his consent and lends the own image in favor of LE CIRQUE WTP Srl, free of charge and with the right to transfer said right to third parties.

  7. The consent as described above must also be understood as given with reference to minors, by the parents or adults exercising authority over them, when they purchase the ticket and, in any case, when they accompany the minors inside the location to attend the events of LE CIRQUE WTP Srl. It is in no way permitted to make recordings, photographs, audio-video recordings of all or part of the shows, nor is it permitted to disseminate or make visible via the internet any images and sounds recorded with any equipment, including smartphones.

  8. Disputes relating to the seat (seat occupied by another person with identical sector and seat, or poor visibility or any other dispute) cannot be taken into consideration and will not give the right to any refund/compensation/compensation for damages, if raised after the performance of the Event by the Spectator who has in any case attended it. Furthermore, any dispute/request relating to the show will be examined only after verification of the regularity of the Ticket purchased for the Event object of the dispute/request, which the Spectator is required to transmit.
    The Spectator is required to notify the staff responsible for any grounds for dispute relating to the seat purchased, strictly within the start time of the show.
    LE CIRQUE WTP Srl will evaluate at its sole discretion.
    When the show was in any case attended , does not entitle the Spectator to obtain a refund of the ticket price or other sums by way of compensation or indemnity.
    In any case, after 15 days from the date of the event, the Spectator is precluded from any dispute or request for compensation/ compensation relating to the show.
    It is also specified that, after the purchase of the ticket, in any way completed (including electronically), the Spectator who decides not to participate are at the Event or are unable to participate, he has no right to obtain a refund of the ticket price, nor of any additional commissions and expenses.
    The right of withdrawal from contracts for the supply of leisure services is in fact excluded by art. 7 – letter b. of Legislative Decree 22 May 1999, n. 185, implementing the EEC directive 97/7/EC, as well as by art. 59, letter n) of the Consumer Code. Spectators have the right to take out an insurance policy sold by TicketOne or to sell their ticket exclusively on the owned by TicketOne.