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The circus without animals of Le Cirque

Teresa Granatoapril 7 2016 


Animals are banned – the only protagonists are human beings with their strength but also with those little imperfections that make circus something appealing. Expression of Nouveau Cirque and variation of more global Cirque du Soleil, “Alis” is an Italian production with Onofrio Colucci as artistic director – who also cooperated to the masterpiece “Slava Snowshow” as an actor. Under a giant marquee, in Lucca spectators will enjoy some unique atmosphere, where social classes mingle and the audience can become one with a strong desire of naivety and to believe the impossible.


A bit of a magician, a bit of a demiurge and a bit of a storyteller, Onofrio Colucci is the first to enter the arena. Followed by Joel Baker, who plays a special non-conformist bellboy dressed in red – a character somehow inbetween a popcorn salesman and the inhabitant of a 19th century circus. Alice, “Alis”, comes directly out from the audience pretending she is there by coincidence, before the artists start creating different atmospheres, from the dark ones to the most celestial. Aurelie Brua, also called “Spiderwoman“, is followed by a trio of breathtaking jugglers and then by Dominique Lacasse & Karen Goudeault, equilibrist Sergii Tymofieiev, a trio of contortionists (Torimé), Yves Decoste & Delphine Cezard, trapeze champions Maryna Tkachenko & Katerina Fedorovich as well as the extraordinary Jonathan Morin, contortionist Oleksandr Yenivatov, cellist and singer Simona Colonna and Asia alias “Alis” performing Aerial Dance.


Up or downwards, in favour or against gravity, unreal like mimes or imprisoned in a trembling body, circus performers hand down ancient disciplines by making them new – always keeping them astonishing as they look absurd and unconceivable. Almost everything is delivered non-verbally in a colourful atmosphere and the feeling is that circus performances, with their purity and grace, can really make life cheerer. Le Cirque succeeded once again in making spectators enjoy some dreamy time.

You are crazy.
No one has a circus like this one!