Artists from all parts of the world have been selected and coordinated by Onofrio Colucci, the protagonist of some of the biggest “nouveau cirque” shows, playing the part of an innovative, unusual and revolutionary clown, from Slava’s Snowshow to the Cirque du Soleil, with whom he collaborated to put “O”, “Zaia” and “Zed” on stage.

Colucci, who has been chosen as Artistic Director for the production of A-Group, is the Master of Ceremony at the show, and he guides spectators through this magical journey between dream and reality, by drawing inspiration from dreamy and surreal atmospheres from the fantasy and imaginary literature of the 19th Century.

You are absolutely amazing!

Steven Spielberg

You are so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing

Harrison Ford

You are keeping us on tenderhooks!

Liza Minelli