They have been acclaimed all over the world, winning awards and breaking records. They are the very best artists from Cirque du Soleil and Nouveau Cirque. Le Cirque World’s Top Performers has brought them together, to all perform in the same show for the very first time.

These amazing artists are the most highly skilled performers in the world of circus. They have received important awards at the International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo, the Cirque de Demain International Festival in Paris, and also at events in New York, Toronto and Sydney, to name but a few. Some of them have taken part in popular TV Talent Shows in Europe, Asia and America, and in international events such as the Los Angeles Oscars and the Bollywood Awards. Others have entered the Guinness World Records… 

Most of them trained at the top circus arts academies, while others were once professional athletes, who became champions, won international titles and even represented their countries at the Olympic Games.

Together, they are the elite of Contemporary Circus.


    She is the youngest artist in the cast. She began her circus training at the age of 8, attending the Centre Jeunesse Princesse Stephanie di Monaco with O2 Cirque, and then the École Nationale de Cirque in Canada, crucible for some of the best artists in Cirque du Soleil. With her Aerial Silk routine, she has delighted audiences in many parts of Europe.


    His stage name is Deadly Games and his high octane performances rank among the best in the world. After the semifinal of the 11th edition of America's Got Talent, it came as no surprise that he was put through for the final of "The Champions" of America's Got Talent in January 2019. He went straight to the semifinals with the Golden Buzzer for having kept the judges and American audience on the edge of their seats throughout each act. Surprising and versatile, Alfredo is a current sixth-generation circus performer.


    Among the new talents selected by Le Cirque WTP, Andrea already has a mention in the Guinness Book of Records. His speciality is the Cyr Wheel. He was selected among 52 contestants by Valeria Inertie, world excellence in this discipline. Andrea performs a special routine perfected for ALIS, and has proved a revelation, showing great dancing abilities, perfected in Los Angeles and with the training received by the Scuola di Circo di Torino (Turing Circus School).


    A clown with a unique style, combining physical comedy, acrobatics and improvisation. In over 6 years, Joel has performed in 3000 shows with Cirque du Soleil, and starred in the award-winning Beatles LOVE show in Las Vegas. He has also played leading roles for Cirque Eloize, Les 7 Doigts, PALAZZO Varietétheater, and Chamäleon Theater Berlin. His directorial work has included A Choreographer's Showcase with Nevada Ballet Theater and San Francisco's Circus Bella. Joel featured in James Cameron’s film Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away 3D. In 2017, Onofrio Colucci appointed him Artistic and Casting Director Assistant.


    Nicknamed “Spiderwoman", she's an acrobat with extraordinary talent. Her performances on the "Double Pole" have made her one of the top equilibrists in the world. She amazes the audience with her original act, performed with a light, feminine touch but seeming to defy gravity.


    A multi-faceted character at the Nouveau Cirque and a very talented actor. He was a star of "Slava's Snowshoe“, for which he received the "Lunas del Auditorio“ award, and has taken part in Cirque du Soleil’s most famous shows: “O”,"Zaia" and “Zed".
He is Artistic & Cast Director for the "Alis" show, and has also appeared on stage as the Master of Ceremonies.


    Yves is a legendary figure at Cirque du Soleil, where he first appeared in 1985. He has since taken part in countless productions, including "La Magie Continue“,”Mystere","Quidam" and “Zed". He won the prestigious Silver Clown award at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival. In “Alis", he gives an epic performance with Delphine Cezard, a highly original artist at Nouveau Cirque and also his pupil.


    A versatile player of the hurdy-gurdy, he draws on the traditions of this ancient instrument while also taking inspiration from modern music. He invites the audience into his evocative world with sounds and melodies from different times and places, combining mediaeval settings with electronic variations. His music is an exciting and surprising journey through time.


    Their aerial act has been called “Spectacular, dangerous and sensual, with incredible acrobatics”. They have worked for Illumination, Cirque Dreams, Ezuru, Cirque Noel in the United States, and Holiday Angels of Peace. They have taken part in the TV programmes Le plus Grand Cabaret du Monde in France and Benissimo in Switzerland. The director Rolf Knie wanted them in OhLaLa. They have also performed for the Primo Festival Internacional Circ in Figueres, Spain, in shows at the Schuhbeck and Palazzo theatres in Germany, and Gifford’s Circus in England. Naomi Sampson, who has a Dance Educators of America Degree, and Stephanie Chisholm, are from Miami and trained as Top Performers in the fields of gymnastics, dance and circus arts.


    Dmitri Grigorov and Anastasiia Vashchenko are the internationally famous "Straps" duo. Their performance has been described as "unique and perfect". They won the prestigious Golden Clown award at the 33rd International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. The pair have featured as guest stars at Cirque du Soleil since 2004, performing in “Corteo" (United States) and “Quidam" (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong), and attracting huge audiences.


    An internationally famous trapeze artist, singer and dancer. In 2015, she won the Aerial All Stars Circus Arts Competition, while in 2010, at the Sydney Festival, she was joint winner in the Outstanding Independent Artist category, and took the Bytecraft Achievement Award for Best Production and Design. She trained at Aerialize - Sydney Aerial Theatre, at the Beijing International Arts School, and at Ecole Leotard in Montreal, with the renowned trapeze coach Victor Fomine.

  • I-TEAM

    Their amazing combination of sport and circus art pushes human capacity to its limits. They have won many prizes at international competitions, and also at the Olympic Games. The team formed in 2006, becoming famous in Europe, the CIS and the USA. In Russia, they won the seventh season of the TV talent show: "Minute of Fame“. Their act consists of a succession of breath-taking acrobatic movements and athletic feats. An extraordinary performance by some of the finest artists in contemporary circus.


    Stunning acrobatics with a duo that takes pure adrenaline to a higher level. Together, they brilliantly exude energy, strength and agility with an electrifying and engaging crescendo. Kai won the Chinese Talents Prize and has featured in the Guinness World Records, and has taken part in Talent Shows and successful TV shows around the world. Originally from Switzerland, Florian has entertained audiences around Europe and in Dubai and has starred in Cirque Eloize, the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris and cabaret GOP. He began his training at a very young age at a circus school, and continued his training at the Berlin Circus School.


    In 1994, he won the Silver Medal and the Raspini Award at the 17th International Cirque de Demain Festival in Paris. He has performed at the Moulin Rouge and the Lido in Paris, at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin, at the Pomp Duck & Circumstance in New York, and at the Mirage and MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. In 1999, he joined the cast of "Dralion" for Cirque du Soleil and later also performed in "Joya" and "Amaluna". In 2003, he won the Silver Clown award at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival, and in 2004 received a Gold Medal at the Nuit d'Or Gala during the "Cirque de Demain“ Festival in Paris.


    She performs as a solo artist in 21 countries on 4 continents. She has exceptional skills as a dancer and acrobat, and her performance is a perfect combination of grace and thrills. She won Poland's Got Talent in 2015 and has taken part in major productions and international festivals. She won a prize at the prestigious China International Circus Festival and, in 2018, she was among "The Incredibles" of The World's Greatest Entertainers in Australia.


    Using just a feather and 13 palm fonds, Lara Jacobs Rigolo and Lili Chao Rigolo perform a breath-taking act with a very unexpected ending. Lara has been dubbed "The Goddess of Balance“, and has twice won the Best Circus Act Award in New York and Toronto. She and Lili both featured as guest stars in Amaluna, giving sensational performances for Cirque du Soleil. Their exceptional act was designed and first presented in 1997 by Maedir Rigolo, Lara's father. Many consider it one of the most amazing acts on the world stage.


    The Dralion show by Cirque du Soleil won them huge acclaim, and they have taken part in world tours with other famous circus companies. They soar through the air performing extraordinary acrobatic feats. These two talented performers have very different back stories. They both started very young: Mandi initially sang and danced for Disney, and then honed her acrobatic skills at the National Circus School in Montreal. Lorant has travelled the world as an acrobat, he is completely self-taught and has developed his own unique style.


    The international press has called her one of the most entertaining women on the Contemporary Circus scene. In addition to being a talented pianist and puppeteer, with her own unique style of physical comedy, she has delighted audiences at more than 1000 performances of “Varekai" by Cirque du Soleil in Europe, North America and Russia. Mooky has won London's Olivier Award and performs regularly in La Soirée cabaret in London.


    He has now made more than 1000 appearances in Cirque du Soleil shows.
His constant search for the innovative and unusual led him to invent a new type of apparatus: "The Crossed Wheel", a distinguishing feature of his performances. Jonathan was winner of the Bronze Clown Award 2018 at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival.


    This comedian and actor began his Italian career with Gabriele Cirilli, and was then engaged by Cirque du Soleil to play the part of a clown in “Totem”. He toured all over the world, and after 1500 performances came back to Italy, where he featured in two series of “Squadra Mobile” on Canale 5, and two seasons of Fiorello’s “TV Edicola Fiore” on Sky. He made his film debut with Checco Zalone in the smash-hit “Quo Vado?” on Rai Uno, followed by “Aldo Moro – Il Professore”, and has recently finished shooting “Unpromised Land”. He created and produced “My Name is Pippo”, a comedy series broadcast by Mediaset, and is now working on a new project for TV.


    This group involves some of the top graduates from the Kiev Circus Academy, one of the world's most renowned training schools. It includes Maksym Holovchenko, Vladyslav Gapanovych and Yevhenii Pakhalovych, an amazing juggling trio that won the coveted Silver Clown Award at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival in 2017.


    A singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and visual artist from Chicago, Rose can boast a thirty-year international career. She took the lead role in “Zaia", staged by Cirque du Soleil in Macau and registering over 1,400 performances, and also had the honour of being selected as solo singer for the Bollywood Awards Ceremony, the global event for the Indian film industry. With her unique voice, and through songs written exclusively for Alis, Rose adds an even more evocative touch to the story.


    The pair achieve a rare level of excellence in this discipline, displaying a unique level of empathy and coordination during their amazing act. They have both been guest stars in various Cirque du Soleil shows: “Zaia", "La Nouba“, "Le Chemins Invisible“, "Toruk" and “Paramour". Thomas was awarded a Bronze Medal at Cirque de Demain 2013 in Paris, while Audrey was once an Olympian, taking part in both the 2008 Beijing Games and the London Games of 2012, when she won the Champion of Europe title in diving.


    This splendid trio of Ukrainian acrobats, Valentina Kriher, Yelavyzayeta Vorionuk and Anastasiia Yehorava, are all graduates of the Kiev State Circus Academy. They are presenting the most exciting act from their vast repertoire. Their performance combines flexibility, sensuality and strength, and involves creating amazing shapes with their bodies to the rhythms of music infused with fire and passion.


    A Gold Medal winner at the Cirque de Demain Festival, Sergii is considered one of the best equilibrists in the world. Constantly looking for new refinements, he devised a new piece of apparatus for his performance based on the Rubrik cube, which he uses to display the complex and subtle nature of his discipline. This act is certainly unique on the world stage.


    Born in Mongolia, she is a professional contortionist and hand balancer since early childhood. After starting her career at the Mongolian National Circus, this outstandingly talented artist joined Cirque du Soleil aged only 11. She has travelled the world performing in the shows Alegria, Amaluna and Totem – a 15-year-old collaboration which has made her one of the world greatest artists in her disciplines. Le Cirque World's Top Performers is glad to welcome her into its stellar cast. She will bring on stage an astonishing performance, exclusively created for the show and inspired by Alis in wonderland, which she will present in world premiere.

  • WAZ'O

    Louis-David Simoneau trained at the National Circus School in Montreal while Marie-Christine Fournier studied at the Quebec Circus School. They have appeared in many international shows over the years, including “Totem”, “Varekai” and “45 Degrees - Special Events” for Cirque du Soleil. Using all the skill and talent displayed in these great productions, they have created a new aerial act especially for ALIS: a performance which pushes them right to their very limits. This duo is sure to delight you with their energy, originality and amazing coordination.


    A comedian and contortionist, better known as "Sacha the Frogman". He is a very eclectic artist, with a great sense of humour and an original touch. Oleksandr has taken part in various important circus festivals, including the Cirque de Demain in Paris and the International Circus Festival in Belgium. He is famous for the so-called "Yenivatov Rotation", a highly original act that sets him apart from other contortionists.


    A Ukrainian artist from the State Institute of Performing Arts in Kiev, Anatoliy won the Gold Medal at the 1998 Cirque de Demain Festival in Paris, and the Golden Clown award at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival the following year. He was a special guest star in the "Zarkana" show staged by Cirque du Soleil. His act is truly amazing: his acrobatic skills, balance, harmony of movement and elegant style always delight the audience.